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Ms. Christina Halstead is a licensed clinical social worker in Virginia and Washington, D.C. with over ten years of experience providing psychotherapy to adults, children, adolescents, couples, and families in the northern Virginia area. Christina is committed to meeting every person exactly where they are on their journey, and providing a caring, compassionate foundation for healing.

Christina has concentrated experience and is highly trained in working with children and adults who are experiencing anxiety, depression, and trauma. Christina also works with people navigating identity and sexuality, life transitions, and relationship distress. When providing couples therapy, Christina works to help you and your partner restore intimacy and connection and heal from past wounds. When treating couples, Christina uses emotionally-focused couples therapy techniques. Christina welcomes people in all stages of the life cycle, whether single, partnered, or families with children or adolescents.

Christina specializes in working with young children to address a plethora of concerns, including ADHD, bullying, separation anxiety, and defiant behaviors. Christina offers play therapy, both directive and non-directive, sand tray therapy, bibliotherapy, and mindfulness-based therapy when treating children. Christina is also trained in family systems therapy and specializes in working with the whole family to address concerns, while working on improving communication, resolving conflict, and engaging empathetic listening. 

As a trained Reiki II practitioner and a yoga teacher in-training, Christina believes strongly in the mind-body connection and as such employs a wide range of therapeutic interventions that address both the mind and body’s responses to external stimuli and internal narratives. Christina thoroughly enjoys the journey of learning how every individual heals, both physically and spiritually, and is ready to explore with you what unique tools are needed to facilitate that process. 

Christina is committed to providing the best care available and pulls from a wide range of evidence-based interventions, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), trauma-focused CBT, and mindfulness-based techniques. Christina utilizes attachment theory and a psychodynamic approach to help develop insight and to deeply understand the complexities of your story. Simultaneously, Christina provides solution-focused therapy whenever possible, because she is committed to helping you improve both your internal life and external circumstances to bring you back to well-being. 

Christina aims to provide a comfortable, safe atmosphere that lends itself to building a strong therapeutic rapport. Christina vows to work collaboratively throughout the therapeutic process to develop goals and work toward reaching each person’s vision of personal success. Reach out to Christina today to start the journey to healing. 

Christina completed her Master of Social Work degree at George Mason University and completed her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Maryland. Learn more about Christina by visiting her website, Psychology Today, or You can also visit Christina's LinkedIn page to review her credentials in detail.


Christina would be honored to serve as your clinician.
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