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founder - dr. heather leahy hecht

Dr. Heather Leahy Hecht is a licensed clinical psychologist and founder of Resolve Psychological Services. Dr. Hecht is dedicated to serving her clients with the utmost care and competency. Dr. Hecht offers a warm therapeutic and provides a safe space for healing and growth. 

Dr. Hecht is a true generalist, offering services for people of all ages. Dr. Hecht is well-trained in a wide range of clinical issues; among these are depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, OCD, panic disorder, eating disorders, relationship concerns, couples issues, LGBTQQIAAP concerns, grief, professional distress, and identity issues. 

Dr. Hecht has has a specialty in the treatment of eating disorders and body image distress. She treats anorexia, binge eating disorder, bulimia, chronic dieting, and body dysmorphia. Dr. Hecht works from a body inclusive,"all foods fit" perspective. Dr. Hecht uses a health at every size (HAES) framework in her approach to care, helping you recover from the damaging messages created by our fat phobic diet culture. Dr. Hecht works closely with your dietitian to help you achieve intuitive eating and food freedom. Contact Dr. Hecht today to learn more about treatment for eating disorders.

Dr. Hecht is a mother to two young children and personally experienced very challenging fertility obstacles for both pregnancies. These challenges moved Dr. Hecht towards a special interest in prenatal and postnatal concerns in psychotherapy, including fertility. Additionally, Dr. Hecht also loves to help people increase their psychological readiness for childbirth and the transition to motherhood. Dr. Hecht is already specialized in the treatment of children, but also offers parent coaching for parents of toddlers as an available service. 

Dr. Hecht is also specialized in the treatment of relationship issues. Dr. Hecht offers treatment for single people who are struggling to navigate and sustain relationships as well as for couples having trouble getting out of dysfunctional relationship patterns. Dr. Hecht utilizes Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy and is a Certified Gottman couples therapist and uses interventions from both approaches to  increase emotional intimacy and promote deep connectivity for couples. Dr. Hecht is well-versed in the common issues that bring couples to care, including infidelity, loss of intimacy, and emotional distance. Contact Dr. Hecht today to inquire about her couples therapy approach. 

Another specialty of Dr. Hecht's is in the treatment of children. Dr. Hecht can help your child overcome childhood depression, anxiety, and defiance by using a family-oriented and developmentally appropriate approach to care. Dr. Hecht offers Play Therapy as well as Trauma-Focused CBT for children who have experienced traumatic events.  

Dr. Hecht is a licensed clinical psychologist in the Commonwealth of VA and the District of Columbia. Dr. Hecht earned a doctorate in clinical psychology (Psy.D.) from the American School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University in Washington, DC. Dr. Hecht brings an integrated and evidence-based approach to care, utilizing Cognitive-Behavioral, Psychodynamic, and Family Systems techniques.


For a fun read into Dr. Hecht's take on how the Myers Briggs Type Indicator can inform the couples dynamic, check out this American Inno article where Dr. Hecht was interviewed by Sophie Pyle on the intersection between love and Myers-Briggs: Using Clues From Myers Briggs to Keep You and Your Significant Other Happy. 

Dr. Hecht was honored in 2022 & 2023 with a Top Doctor Award by, and featured on their website. You can learn more about Dr. Hecht on, Psychology Today, GoodTherapy.orgor, or by visiting her blog at You can also visit Dr. Hecht's Linked In page or like Dr. Hecht on Facebook @drheatherleahyhecht.

Dr. Hecht provides a warm, non-judgmental, collaborative atmosphere for healing and works to restore you to your natural state of well-being.  

Contact Dr. Hecht today to begin care. 

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