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Resolve is committed to offering you and your children the best possible care for a variety of scenarios and conditions, such as those related to relational issues within families, disorders found in children and teens, and trauma in young people and within the family system. Resolve offers specialized treatment strategies that have been proven to be extremely effective, and works with each family on a personal level in order to find the cause of each relational, emotional, and behavioral concern that presents. 

Resolve specializes in treating various disorders in children and teens, including depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, Panic Disorder, Separation Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), trauma, grief in children, and suicidality and Self-Injury Behaviors (SIB) in children and teens. We also treat externalizing disorders in childhood to include Oppositional Defiant Disorder using Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) in conjunction with other therapy techniques that are proven to be effective when dealing with defiance and anger. Resolve offers treatment options for many combinations of emotional and behavioral conditions that children and adolescents experience. When treating adolescents in particular, Resolve keeps as much privacy as is safe for them, allowing them the space to discharge emotion in a healthy manner. Resolve also collaborates closely with parents and involves parents in the therapeutic process. Resolve is LGBTTIAQQ friendly, and we have helped many young people grappling with their sexual identity and the coming out process. However, we do not specialize in transgender treatment and we are unable to offer eating disorder care to minors at this time. Both of these types of care are highly specialized and outside the area of expertise of our team. We want your child to have the most expert care, and are happy to make referrals if your child is gender transitioning or struggling with an eating disorder. 

Resolve uses treatment methods that are developmentally appropriate and tailored towards the age of your child. For younger children, we use play therapy and art therapy, both of which are extremely effective in aiding children to express themselves emotionally. Play is the language of children, and children, like adults, have a need to be deeply understood. We aim to both deeply understand your child and teach your child skills and ideas that will help them manage their emotions. Our teaching process includes using therapeutic children’s stories, and making fun and digestible games out of therapy ideas. All of this is designed to assist in their journey towards improved connections with others and in improving their emotional life internally. 

Resolve centers its care for children and adolescents in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), psychodynamic, and humanistic theories. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), in particular, is an evidence-based intervention wherein we teach young people to consider the conversation they are having with themselves and how it impacts their emotional life. CBT for minors also prompts the child to consider how their own behavior often puts them in emotionally-upsetting or stressful situations. Resolve works collaboratively with your child to problem-solve as it relates to behavior, and introduces them to the lifelong journey of kindness to the self. The Resolve team loves to teach young people these skills, and loves to show them how much they can benefit from new ways of thinking and new behaviors. Additionally, Resolve utilizes evidence-based Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) for traumatized young people, which is an excellent, evidence-based intervention for treating trauma in children and adolescents

Resolve offers family based therapy for families that may benefit from its use. Sometimes the family dynamic is a primary issue, or a family may be going through something very difficult, so we offer family therapy for these kinds of families as well. This is done through our use of a family systems approach, which is invaluable when evaluating how family systems can be both improved and better understood. Family genograms are, at times, also implemented into treatment processes in order to improve insight for the family into the nature of their relationships with one another. Resolve works to promote family harmony, and also endeavors to provide a safe space for healthy communication that can lead to healthier, happier family relationships and methods of interpersonal communication. 

Resolve also takes into account theories, concepts, and therapy methods that are well-known in the world of familial therapy when offering treatment options for our families, such as those that are presented by Dr. Murray Bowen and Salvador Minuchin. For example, Resolve frequently implements aspects of Structural Family Therapy (SFT), which is a method of therapy presented by Salvador Minuchin that involves finding the basis of whole-family problems and habitual behaviors and patterns, rather than focusing on individual family members’ issues or missteps. Also, Resolve implements several of Dr. Murray Bowen’s concepts and strategies into our treatment approaches, such as his Eight Interlocking Concepts. Resolve uses these therapy approaches to reduce the family’s levels of tension, anxiety, and stress. 

Contact Resolve’s team to book your first appointment for your child, adolescent, or family in order to work towards healthier, happier children and a more peaceful family dynamic. Resolve cannot wait to meet you and your family and begin the therapeutic process. Resolve’s team will work tirelessly to assist you and your family towards your goals. 

Have a question? Inquire today. 

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