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clinician - jacqueline buarque de macedo, lcsw, licsw

Ms. Jacqueline Macedo is a licensed clinical social worker, experienced in working with adults, children, adolescents, and families. Jacqueline strives to foster a therapeutic environment where clients will feel safe to share their diverse perspectives. She aims to create a space where open communication can take place in a non-judgmental setting. Jacqueline would be honored to serve you as you begin your care journey. 


Jacqueline is passionate about helping clients who feel hopeless, isolated, or unfulfilled with their lives. Jacqueline is well-trained in a wide range of clinical concerns, including anxiety, depression, trauma, ADHDOCD, panic, and adjustment disorders. She understands the complexities of relationship issues, professional challenges, life transitions, and social stressors. Jacqueline believes in taking a person-in-environment framework to her treatment, taking into consideration the unique constellation of challenges in your workplace, family life, and cultural context. Jacqueline uses this perspective to take a holistic approach to deeply understanding you and your world. Jacqueline takes a strength-based approach to all of her clients, focusing on your innate capabilities, and helping to empower you in your healing process. Jacqueline cannot wait to help you to find peace, strength, and happiness in your daily life.

Jacqueline has a special interest in couples therapy and works out of a Gottman and Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy perspective. Jacqueline works closely with couples from all backgrounds to increase intimacy and communication. Jacqueline is passionate about treating relationship issues and works with couples to heal past traumas to elicit a deeper connection. 

Jacqueline is passionate about eating disorder recovery and is currently developing a specialty. Jacqueline works closely with her clients to restore their relationship with food and body. Jacqueline believes in Health at Every Size and body neutrality, and actively teaches her clients about Intuitive Eating. Jacqueline works with individuals with a variety of diagnosis such as Binge Eating Disorder, Purge Disorder, and Anorexia Nervosa. Jacqueline helps those with a range of disordered eating struggles whether they have a milder presentation or struggle letting go of maladaptive behaviors. 


Jacqueline is well-trained in evidenced-based therapy techniques and uses top-of-the line treatment in her approach to care. Among others, Jacqueline utilizes techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), play therapy and art/music therapy interventions for children, family systems therapy for families, as well as mindfulness and grounding skills to support her clients. Jacqueline uses a variety of therapeutic modalities rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, tailoring her approach to the style that works best for you and what you are going through, teaching you coping skills and practical emotion regulation techniques. Jacqueline believes in providing an integrative approach to meeting her client’s treatment goals, and collaborating with you along the way. Jacqueline will work with you to alleviate suffering in your life so you have the tools to cope with life stressors. 


In addition to treating adults, Jacqueline is highly specialized in the treatment of children and adolescents, and welcomes the opportunity to work with your child. Jacqueline has extensive experience providing therapy in a school setting, and also in taking care of young people with complex needs, including anxiety, depression, trauma, ADHD, and defiance. Jacqueline can help your child to regulate their emotions in the classroom and at home, helping your child to flourish both academically and spiritually. Jacqueline always includes parents and families in her approach to treating young people, and offers family sessions and parent inclusion. Jacqueline is experienced in improving the parent child relationship and the family dynamic as a whole when offering care to your child. Jacqueline is devoted to serving her clients with warmth and compassion in order to elicit their full growth potential.


Jacqueline is a licensed clinical social worker in the Commonwealth of VA and a licensed independent clinical social worker in the District of Columbia. Jacqueline earned her Master of Social Work degree at The Catholic University of America, with a Clinical Concentration trained in a Strengths-Based Practice. Jacqueline completed her Bachelor of Arts degree at Muhlenberg College with a major in Media and Communication. Learn more about Jacqueline by visiting her Psychology Today page or her profile.


Jacqueline brings a holistic and collaborative approach to care, utilizing a plethora of therapeutic modalities to achieve your goals. Jacqueline is deeply dedicated to treating her clients with the upmost compassion and proficiency. Through the utilization of Jacqueline's extensive training and her natural warm, empathic disposition, she is able to provide a friendly, open-minded atmosphere that allows for healing to occur. Jacqueline is very open to answering questions regarding potential care methods, and cannot wait to find the tailored treatment plan that works for you and with you.

Contact Jacqueline today to begin care. 

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