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Me? Vulnerable? I'm Outta Here!

Dr. Hecht's favorite topic in psychology right now is the idea of vulnerability. Most of us are allergic to vulnerability, but it is the active ingredient in deep human connection and sustained emotional intimacy. Dr. Hecht loves the theory that vulnerability is the necessary ingredient to falling in love and staying in love. In the article, 36 Questions to Lead To Love, authors suggest that conversations that promote vulnerability, promote love.

Brene Brown, a researcher on shame and vulnerability, suggests that to live whole-heartedly, we need to be vulnerable with a select set of safe others. In therapy, we practice being vulnerable so that we can later do this in our personal lives in order to develop satisfying personal relationships.

Come and practice vulnerability with Resolve Psychological Services, and we can overcome the urge to flee, together.

To learn more about vulnerability and its usefulness in reducing shame and perfectionism, check out The Gifts of Imperfection.

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