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The Myers-Briggs Personality Test Can Help my Romantic Relationship? Isn't that Just for Career?

Believe it or not, knowing your partner's Myers-Briggs can be extremely beneficial in romantic and family relationships. The clinicians at Resolve Psychological Services are tasked with helping you and your parter to truly understand each other, and to respect and love one another for both the good and "bad" aspects of your personalities. We use Myers-Briggs in couples therapy as a tool to help get us there. To learn more, check out this DC Inno article where Dr. Hecht was interviewed by Sophie Pyle on using clues from Myers-Briggs to keep you and your significant other happy. And while you're at it, take a free Myers-Briggs test, and see for yourself.

And, as always, contact Dr. Hecht today if you are interested in learning more about therapy with Resolve Psychological Services' clinicians.

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